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Wanderings of the Takai no Tenshi

Takai no Tenshi
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~The Takai no Tenshi~

The Takai no Tenshi means the "Angel of Death" in Japanese. She is an Angel who follow those near death. She is not the Grim Reaper; she does not kill people. Instead, she leads them to their final destination where they meet Death. She is a faithful servert to Shinigami, the god of death, and travels alone. She is usually described as looking forlorn or mournful, with pallid skin, haunting eyes, and dark colored wings. Though she obeys her orders without question, she awaits the one day where she herself will meet with Shinigami...for the final time.

Sorrow, Despair, and Destruction follow her every step....

~The Face Behind the Mask~

Who am I, you ask? I am Shura, a 18-year old woman living in Georgia. The Takai no Tenshi is a nickname of mine given to me by one of my best friends in the 10th grade. I am currently working towards a journalism major, that I hope to finish within two/three years. I'm a lover of Sci-Fi and action flicks, anime, video games, and writing fanfics in my spare time.

This journal is just filled with random rants about my day or my pet peeves or my daydreams. At least I'm being honest, no? ^_^ If you have a problem with that, then I suggest you move along.

Like what you see? Then just check out my entries or add me. I don't bite. ^_^